Mooncake Flavors in Vietnam top 10 most appetizing

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top 10 most appetizing mooncake Flavors in Vietnam

We can tell the Trung Thu festival is approaching when individuals start making and selling Mooncake two months in advance….When the Vietnamese think about mooncakes, a pleasant memory comes to them of tasting mooncakes and drinking hot tea with family and friends in the Mid-Autumn moonlight. Learn more about Vietnam mooncakes by visiting Saigonflowers.

All about Vietnam’s mooncakes

Vietnam is one of the countries where mooncakes have been widely adapted from their Chinese origins. While the precise date of the introduction of mooncakes to Vietnam is unknown, Chinese culture has had a significant effect on Vietnamese cuisine for hundreds of years.

Tet Trung Thu was celebrated in Vietnam as a unique occasion for reunification and harmony. The mid-Autumn period falls in the eighth lunar month, around the summer in September of the solar calendar…family and friends would get together once a year to unwind, sing songs, and have tea beneath the light of the full moon. Kids would eagerly anticipate staying up late, walking about with star lanterns in the dark, and listening for the lion dancers’ drumming. Mooncakes in the shapes of squares for the earth and rounds for the sky were the ideal dessert for this enchanted evening.

About the Vietnamese Mooncake Meaning

Mooncake which has the form of a full moon, represents the coming together of all family members after a protracted period of separation. However, there are only two primary shapes of traditional mooncakes in Vietnam: the square and the circular. The square is thought to represent the Earth, and the circle is the sky.

Mooncakes are often consumed with tea and cut into little wedges. Today, it is common for businesspeople and families to deliver cake to their customers or loved ones as a gift, which contributes to the growth in popularity of expensive mooncakes.

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Traditional mooncake vietnam – Creative – New Flavors

Banh Nuong (Gold Baked Moon Cake) and Banh Deo (Soft sticky rice-covered Moon Cake) are classic mooncakes. Mooncakes may now be found in a variety of shapes and styles with a wide range of fillings and crusts. There are many more flavors of mooncakes available today than there were in the past. Large mooncakes for sharing are typically made in traditional bakeries using ingredients like lotus seed, coconut flesh, black sesame, almonds, and green rice.

10 Best Mooncakes Flavors In Vietnam (the best choice for you)

Traditional mixed nuts

traditional mixed nuts mooncake

Traditional mixed nuts mooncake vietnam

This kind of filling is a mix of sophisticated ingredients including five kernels: lotus seeds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, peanuts, and sesame seeds. This combination can be added with more ingredients such as walnuts, cashew, Chinese sausage, lemon leaves, roast chicken, and salted egg yolk. Also, expensive shark fin and bird nests are added to make high-end products.

Mooncake filled with lotus seeds

Mooncake filled with lotus seeds

Lotus seed paste

Lotus seeds are especially good for the cardiovascular system, anti-aging, and night sleep. That’s why the Vietnamese locals consider lotus seeds as traditional therapy and favorite material. Lotus seed paste is made from dried lotus seeds which create a sweet and smooth filling paste for mooncakes.

Red or Green bean paste

Red or Green bean paste

Red bean paste

Thanks to its not-so-sweet and easy-to-eat flavor, red or green bean paste is a perfect alternative to traditional mixed nuts. Both sweet and salty fillings made from beans are widely interested by lots of Vietnamese people. Interestingly, this mooncake flavor is not only easy to taste but also simple to make. The harmony of organic ingredients like red bean, green bean, cooking oil, white sugar, sticky flour, and sesame oil has created the smooth paste.


Green tea brings a fresh and flavorsome taste to plenty of Vietnamese food, ranging from ice cream, cookies, and yogurt to mooncakes. Chewing a bite of green tea mooncake, you’ll feel a taste of fresh matcha and a lingering sweet aftertaste.

Mochi mooncakes

Rooted in Singaporean culture, snow skin mooncakes are made by Japanese mochi recipes with different colors and flavors consisting of green beans, fruits, jams, chocolate, coffee, cheese, durian, etc. In spite of being served chilled, this no-bake mooncake…brings a unique savor of soft crust combined with a refreshing taste after being refrigerated.

Mochi mooncakes also called snow skin or snowy mooncakes, use a cooked glutinous rice flour crust that gives you a soft and chewy texture.

Decadent Salted Egg Yolk Custard Mooncakes

The molten salted egg yolk in the center, the eggy custard in the middle, and the flaky cookie shell that encases all three tastes in one can all be tasted in the lava mooncakes.

Coconut mooncake

Coconut mooncakes give tasters a distinctively mesmerizing savor, unlike other mooncakes.

Pineapple leaf paste mooncake

A mooncake filled with pineapple leaf paste brings a sugary and refreshingly bitter. Furthermore, thanks to the abundance of nutrients in pineapple leaves, you can relieve flu, and fever; cure diarrhea, and TB disease; help to smooth the digestion system and other health issues.

Jelly mooncake

This type of mooncake is fresh without preservatives so it’s best served chilled as a refreshing dessert and preserved in a short time. Jelly mooncakes are often filled with soft fillings such as flan cake, caramel, and milk jelly.

Black garlic mooncake

Once the cake hits you with a strong garlic flavor at first bite, you’ll ease into the sweetness of the caramelized paste.

Where to Buy Vietnamese mooncakes?

Two months ahead of Mid-Autumn Day, you should be aware of numerous brand names spreading in the market. Count on these reliable brands to find your favorite taste as: Như Lan, Đồng Khánh, Kinh Đô, Bibica, Givral, Brodard, Hỷ Lâm Môn, Breadtalk, Tous Les Jour

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