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Anlene Gold Milk (400g)

Anlene Gold Milk (400g)

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Anlene Gold Milk (400g)

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Anlene Gold Milk (400g) Description:

- Anlene has scientific breakthrough on the transfer of the bones to create 3-STEP NUTRITION SYSTEM to help ensure healthy bones. Bone system in the body is a chain of complex structure need to be repaired continuously on our whole life.
When the density of bone structure's decreased, Osteoporosis disease appears make bones to be brittle, weak & fragide.

- Anlene not only constantly complete provide & help  absorb the essential nutrients quickly, but also make nutrients attached to our bones. 3-STEP NUTRITION SYSTEM help ensure healthy bones to enjoy life every day.- Aseptic fresh milk is a popular drink, nutritious, profitable for our health.

- Anlene Gold, low-fat milk with a high Calcium content.

- In order to absorb Calcium better & help ensure healthy bones.

- For people 51 years of age & over.

- Weight: 400gr

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