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Korea Origin Black Garlic Extract Taewoong (30 Packs)

Korea Origin Black Garlic Extract Taewoong (30 Packs)

Korea Origin Black Garlic Extract Taewoong (30 Packs)

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Korea Origin Black Garlic Extract Taewoong (30 Packs) Description:


Korea origin black garlic extract

Main Ingredients: Mixed extract of black garlic(over 1% dry solid) 50%

Dosage: Drink 70ml one time a day. Children between 6-15: Take the half (1/2) adult dose.

Storage: Avoid storing in a high temperature or high humidity or under direct sunlight and keep in a cool dry place.

Effect of Black Garlic:

This contains 10 times more polyphenol than general garlic. It also generates S-ally cysteine, which is a composite of sulfur and is also effective in preventing aging and artery hardening.

In addition, it provides powerful sterilizing and antibiotic effects. It is also effective in preventing high blood pressure, preventing and curing diabetes, strengthening stamina, recovering from fatigue, strengthening the stomach's functions, energizing the movement of intestines, strengthening the functions of the liver, sedating the nerves and detoxification and improving the immune system.

Features of product:

Black food black garlic which is good for health!!!!

Black garlic is made with raw garlic which is fermented and cured 15~20 days under hot and high humid condition.

A lot of people dislike garlic because of its unique smell and taste, but you can take this product easily.

Native black garlic extract is made with selected Korea origin garlic thru fermentation eliminating its unique smell and taste and adding vegetable

worms, maca, zinc and other ingredient which is good for man, and packed in portable pouch for easy intake at anywhere.

Packaging Details 70ml x 30 Packs / Carton

Manufactured by: Taewoong Food Co.,Ltd - Korean

Korea Origin Black Garlic Extract Taewoong (30 Packs)

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